a new space for discussion

“Caring Discourse” is an initiative designed to establish a virtual space of discussion on issues, projects, and other activities related to healthcare communication. The discussions will focus on the relevance of properly using words and language in real contexts, like those used during a medical appointment or within the public debate as have happened during the current pandemic.

Caring Discourse will be a space gathering scholars, experts, healthcare providers, and the general audience to introduce, explain and discuss relevant matters on health communication. The discussions will be broadcasted live on the YouTube channel. Questions can be raised on the live chat or – for those that are especially interested in the topic under discussion – asking in advance to take part in the live meeting. If you are interested, please get in touch with us (caringdiscourse at gmail dot com).

The first talk is happening next Monday, May 18 at 10:30 (GMT+1), with Maria Grazia Rossi (IFILNOVA, NOVA FCSH) hosting Inés Olza (University of Navarra) and Paula Pérez Sobrino (University of La Rioja). The two Spanish scholars are those who started promoting the #Reframecovid initiative, a collaborative and open-access repository that collects instances of metaphors used to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic as alternatives to the war framing and military metaphors. We will discuss why to reframe the COVID-19 pandemic with alternative metaphors is extremely important to address some of the most important communicative challenges of our time. More information here.               

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